Bright Launches Data Mover, Post-Production’s First Sequence-Aware
File Manager for Media, at IBC 2011



Amsterdam, September 9, 2011: Bright Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced technology for shared media, is launching Data Mover, the first sequence-aware file manager designed solely for the media and entertainment industry, at IBC 2011 [booth #7.A10]. Previously available only as an option for its BrightDrive media file servers, Data Mover is now available as a stand-alone cross-platform file manager for all post-production workflow automation environments.

Data Mover brings high performance, multi-threaded, sequence-aware data transfer intelligence to complex digital post processes, providing users with a sophisticated and secure method of handling media files. It is fully optimized for fibre channel environments and has been designed specifically for integration with today’s highly complex, multi-platformed workflows. It also includes full support for StorNext FS and HyperFS workflows.

DataMover screencap

“By launching Data Mover as a stand-alone product, we are able to take our field-proven and much accredited file management technology to a wider group of users,” said Ed Rodriguez, President and Chief Architect, Bright Technologies, Inc. “In addition, we have upgraded the Data Mover intelligence with new and enhanced features and improved algorithms that will enable users to achieve improved efficiencies for their file-based processes.”

Data Mover recognizes the characteristics of media files, and manages them intelligently to provide optimal system performance irrespective of the hardware platforms being used. It includes a comprehensive range of easy to use features, including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux cross-platform command-lines, media-savvy sequence management regardless of transfer target, interactive and argument-based bandwidth throttling, multi-source and target transfers, advanced transfer engine control, and enhanced performance options when transferring to BrightDrive workspaces. Data Mover copies sequences optimized for 3D stereoscopic workflows to reduce load for workspaces. Over time, it helps to improve workspace performance by reducing data fragmentation and randomization.
Data Mover is available immediately from Bright Technologies and its worldwide network of business partners. A 30-day free trial is available.

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