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Designed for shared media environments, BrightDrive appliances provide predictable performance via a high speed architecture and low-latency design. They’re loaded with unique features, functionality, and tools that you’ll find nowhere else. Having earned a best-in-class reputation in the demanding Media & Entertainment market, the BrightDrive SAN Server is equally at home supporting upstream processing of seismic imagery in Oil & Gas, 2D/3D tomography scans in Healthcare, and training, education, and surveillance video needs for Corporate & Government markets.

Unlike solutions from other manufacturers that claim to handle the phenomenon of permanent loss of performance and speed, BrightDrive permanently overcomes this industry-wide problem by eliminating the root cause: randomization. Bright Technologies’ edge lies in BrightClip®, our patented technology that proactively maintains optimal file arrangement on the storage - continually and always up-to-date.

Over 150 deployments worldwide prove us right.

The most important features you need to know about BrightDrive Low-latency SAN Server:

Bright Media File Servers


BrightDrive Media File Server is agnostic regarding everything that is important to you:

Storage – no need for investment in new storage
Applications – keep your favorite best-of-breeds applications
Protocol – build on your existing preferred fabric
Resolution – a resolution independent platform.
Format – supports all industry-wide formats

BrightDrive Product Overview Download the Product Overview


BrightClip ® Advanced Recording Technology is one of the features of all BrightDrive appliances. This one-of-a-kind sequence aware file recording technology eliminates system degradation through fragmentation, randomization, and interleaved files. This makes BrightDrive the only file server with a maintenance-free file system.


The result:
• Keep the performance at peak – always.
• Dramatically increase uptime.
• Maximize data security by allocating files consistently


ROI Example


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Workflow Booster

BrightDrive provides you with the highest level of operational stability by keeping the file allocations aligned - automatically.

With BrightDrive, priority interruptions are a thing of the past. Dramatically increase productivity and reduce 'time to completion' due to real-time collaboration between all clients and no unplanned downtime - ever.

How BrightDrive fits into your environment

Cost Saver

With more uptime and less maintenance effort, BrightDrive decreases maintenance costs. BrightDrive's own "Virtual SCSI Device" in the Procyon and Triton appliances reduces costs on meta-data devices, hardware, and maintenance. In addition, your infrastructure will consume less power and cooling.

Perfect Overview and Easy Troubleshooting

BrightDrive comes with a unique server management & diagnostic software that ensures fast, efficient and reliable issue isolation and resolution – even for all attached components. These troubleshooting features enable the system administrator to quickly isolate detected errors – and reduce unpredictable performance significantly.

BrightDrive is also "transparent" for those who work with it:

• Secure web-based Administrative Interface
• High Transparency Monitoring Suite (except BrightDrive Astella)



BrightDrive Editions. Simply the best SAN servers for your media. Period.

BrightDrive comes in three editions. All versions are equally smart and powerful but vary in size, modularity, and performance.


BrightDrive Astella
BrightDrive Astella Product Page
BrightDrive Procyon
BrightDrive Procyon Product Page
BrightDrive Triton
BrightDrive Triton Product Page

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