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Quick Overview

  • 2U server enclosure with rack mount kit, dual server modules, dual FRU power supplies / fan assemblies, 12Gbit SAS midplane, and 48GB DDR4 registered RAM.
  • Embedded metadata chassis
  • 24 x 2.5-inch SAS hot-swap HDD or SSD; OS on DOM
  • Supports up to 10 file systems (online, nearline and archive)
  • Multiple concurrent streams of film resolution material, based upon selected storage
  • FibreChannel: 1x16GBit (optional 32GBit HBA), Ethernet: 2x10GB/s per server chassis (optional 40GB/s NIC)


  • High-availability server cluster
  • Built-in (dedicated) metadata raid for each filesystem
  • Supports up to 10 filesystems
  • Easy Administration and Smart Monitoring
  • Built-in Diagnostic tools and self-healing features maximize up-time.
BrightClip: Innovative Advanced Recording Technology

Intelligent guardian for high-performance - on every MDC.

Increase Performance. Decrease Fragmentation.

Our BrightDrive SAN Servers Procyon, Triton, Astella Fx and Astella Dx come with BrightClip®, our innovative advanced recording technology.

BrightClip is the intelligent solution that takes control of your file system and guarantees optimal file layout on the storage subsystem - in realtime and always up-to-date.

But BrightClip is much more than ordinary file allocation. BrightClip:

  • understands file sequences.
  • is file format agnostic and even recognizes AUTODESK file names.
  • dynamically and intelligently adjusts allocation sizes.
  • eliminates performance loss due to file fragmentation, randomization and interleaving.
BrightClip is the unique solution that is 100% effective - always.

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